Happy New Year!

Seems like someone suddenly kidnapped me just after I posted the second alpha of my game, haha. It was not the case though, was just a little bit disappointed with it, also I was busy with the edX MIT6.00x course. Even though I dropped in the middle of the course, at least I learnt some Python. I don’t have much time right now, have my Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming exam on 2nd and 4th Jan.

So, I don’t have much to say this time, just a simple Happy New Year.

‘Unnamed Game’ Update – 1

So yeah, instead of my usual slacking off, I’ve managed to do quite some work. That ‘unnamed game’ is now called ‘Repulse’, both it’s editor and the game are nearly ready. Funny though, I ended up ditching everything I had planned till now and started to work from scratch. Still, both the editor and the game took barely 2 weeks to make.

I now have to make some proper levels. Probably will ask someone from the Scirra forums to help me with it, since I am an unimaginative bloke. Also the dreaded music hunt which has to be done. Gah, I hate it.

Here are some screenies from the editor and the game -

The rocket thingy kinda looks messed up in the screenshot since the sampling is set to point. Though it looks pretty cool in-game.

Non grid based level editor

For some reason, I thought it would be a great idea to make a non grid based level editor at 2AM at night. :)

In a non grid based level editor you can place the tiles anywhere, they are not limited by the grids. Storing of the level is still done using an array, but the method used for storing and deletion of the tiles drastically changes.

Here’s the example -


Maybe I’ll explain this example later(this probably needs an explanation). Right now I am trying to figure out how the hell I managed to make the deletion system work. :P Yeah, some parts of the code worked by pure luck. Nothing new for me though. :D

EDIT: It turns out I wasn’t so lucky after all, the deletion system has some major flaws. I am reworking on it and I’ll probably repost the working source as soon as possible. 

EDIT 2: I made the example again from scratch, it’s completely working now! HUZZAH!

I’ll also a tutorial on how it is actually working as TehLulzinator requested. But not now, it’s nearly 4AM. Maybe tommorow.  ;)

Update full of guilt

Eh…hey guys.

It’s been quite some time, and this place seems nearly dead. I wish I could make some excuse that I was busy or something, but the truth is that I was just being lazy. I have spent most of my free time in the last month playing Skyrim, GTA 4 and on Reddit(one of the biggest timesuckers). I don’t remember when I opened Construct for the last time.

Semester exams are coming close and I don’t think anything will be happening here till the end of June. Hope things get better in July.